Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University

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Innovating health care delivery,

education and research

Mayo Clinic
Arizona State University

Why Mayo Clinic & ASU

Together, the recognized world leader in patient care, education and research and the nation’s most innovative university are bringing the brightest minds together to accelerate cutting-edge research discoveries, improve patient care through health care innovation, and transform medical education to enhance health outcomes at individual, community and national levels.

Transforming Health Sciences & Medical Education

From award-winning undergraduate programs to the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, our collaboration is transforming medical education by providing students with an unmatched depth and breadth of experience that prepares them to address the evolving needs of patients and the dynamic changes in health care. Learn more about our education initiatives

Accelerating Solutions-Oriented Discoveries

By leveraging each other’s research strengths – from state-of-the-art laboratories to world-class experts from diverse specialties – our collaboration is accelerating solutions-oriented research discoveries that will improve the quality of patients’ lives.  Learn more about our research

Improving Health Outcomes

Patients benefit from our ability to translate innovative research, care delivery and education to the bedside faster and more efficiently. Our unique collaboration model enables experts from diverse backgrounds to work together to improve health outcomes. See our health care innovations