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Some of us are Type A people; we plan our days down to the minute and make decisions based on a practical system of weighing pros and cons. And some of us are daydreamers. Alberto Rios falls into the latter category. “I got busted for daydreaming in elementary school. The egregious second-grader crime,” he said of the moment he knew...
There’s a scene in the current movie, “The Intern” where Rene Russo tells Robert DeNiro that “sitting is the new smoking.” That’s not just clever dialogue. It’s a mantra adopted by fitness researchers who believe that sedentary lifestyles can lead to a plethora of health issues. And thanks to a grant from a National Football League charity, three Phoenix libraries...
A mother is the tireless supporter of her family, very often setting aside her own needs to tend to her children's, a task that knows no schedules or time limits. But who supports Mom? Two Arizona State University researchers looked into what factors bear the biggest impact on keeping a mother psychologically healthy, and they say unconditional acceptance by friends...
Improving health and renovating America’s troubled system of care are urgent issues at the top of the national agenda. Arizona State University — an institution recently named most innovative school in the country — and Mayo Clinic, a hospital system frequently ranked No. 1 by U.S. News and World Report, are using their comprehensive strategic partnership to examine the health-care...
As one of the world's leading researchers of obesity stigma and co-director of Mayo Clinic-ASU Obesity Solutions, Alexandra Brewis Slade hopes to change the lack of awareness of the impacts of obesity stigma and fat shaming.
Medical students in some of the most respected schools in the country are learning under a new model that emphasizes cost-effective, patient-centered care.
How does our understanding of the relationships between our bodies, our minds and our environments influence our attitudes regarding health care?
A year-old program that seeks to energize Phoenix youth has been awarded an NFL Super Bowl Legacy Grant.
ASU and Mayo Clinic researchers are joining forces for a groundbreaking study focusing on a disorder that affects roughly one in six Americans.
Lab-on-a-disc offers potential for early, fast and inexpensive disease diagnosis. Find out how ASU researchers are working to make these devices available for clinical use.


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