Payment Reform Summit

As the first attempts to repeal and replace the ACA loomed in early 2017, our Alliance convened a Payment Reform Summit in Phoenix, AZ to consider the impact of current and proposed policy measures on all segments of the diverse population of patients cared for in our system. 

Twenty-five national thought leaders came together to identify important principles for health care reform and data-driven solutions that promote access to high value care for complex patients based on the following:

  • Complexity can be broadly considered to reflect a confluence of high cost and medical, behavioral, and socioeconomic factors
  • Prevalent payment models do not adequately account for the needs of the complex patient
  • Health care delivery reform is responsive to incentives and disincentives inherent in payment models
  • Complex patients are among the most vulnerable in our health care system, and may have the greatest potential to benefit from data-driven improvements in care delivery

Download the white paper here.

Mayo Clinic
Arizona State University